︎︎︎How do I participate in the auctions?

Short version: send a DM on Instagram to @s.y.l.a_auctions with your bid in € and your contact details: name, adress, phone number and email. (Longer version bellow)

︎︎︎How does shipping work?

If you need the item shipped, we will arrange that for you and bill you together with the object you bought.

If you want to you can collect it in Stockholm as well, your choice.

︎︎︎When does the auctions end?

Each item on the acution has a slot when it is up for bids, you can look at the schedule on the auction page, and it will be announced on instagram when objects goes live, and when the auction close.

︎︎︎How do I bid on an object in the auctions?

1.    Browse S.Y.L.A. website for full list of objects (and auction date). Then go to @s.y.l.a_auctions on instagram.

2.    When the item you wanna bid on is going live for auction, send an offer in Euro together with your name, address, phone number and email as a DM to @s.y.l.a_auctions on IG.

3.    One hour before the auction ends, all bidders are connected in a Instagram DM thread. At the closing time of the auction, the person with the highest bid wins.
(All auctions ends at 9PM GMT+1 Stockholm/Central European Time at the last day of each auction)

4.    Payment is done through PayPal. The objects can then be collected in Stockholm or a transport can be arranged at a reasonable cost.

︎︎︎Who can answers press enquires?

Edit Brunner and Ruth Anna Eriksson will do so happily, just reach out!
+46 76-707 61 60
+46 73-143 92 22

You can also find press release and press images here!