︎︎︎Heaven is a playground

“Art is something that needs to come from within. I went to art school to learn the basics, but in order to truly be able to find my voice as an artist, I had to turn my attention inwards. My art centres around objects that have been more or less sacred to me, like the basket hoop that I spent all my days as a child in front of. I could see the passing of time in how the hoop gradually became worn out, and this fleeting experience that we call life is something that has fascinated me ever since, and that I explore through my artwork.”

Hank Grüner’s work is closely associated with Our Legacy, as they have regularly collaborated on a number of collections.

Title: Heaven is a playground, 2020
Material: Plywood, metal, board forex, accrylic
and markers.
Measurements: 86 x 74 x 64,5 cm

Auction date: 23/11/2020 ︎︎︎︎︎︎ 25/11/2020, (9PM GMT+1)
Starting bid: € 1000