Support Your Local Artist — Art In A New Reality

S.Y.L.A is an inter-disciplinary platform that brings artists and audience closer together. It empowers both established and upcoming artists to showcase their work, supporting the artists and providing a new home for the artworks.

If you wanna bid on an object, go to our instagram @s.y.l.a_auctions and slide in to our DM!


S.Y.L.A was initiated by Gustav Almestål and Hedvig Myhrman during the spring of 2020.

Photography: Gustav Almestål — @almestal
Project manager: Hedvig Myhrman — @hedvigmyhrman
PR: Edit Brunner & Ruth Anna Eriksson— @eddan, @raesthetics
Artist inteviews and text wizzard: Philip Warkander — @philipwarkander
Graphic design: Öström Studio —@ostromstudio
DoP: Sebastian Höglund — @besssan
Website: Oskar Huberhoff — @oskar.huberhoff
Set design: Andreas Frienholt — @andreasfrienholt
Infomation texts: Marcus Linnér — @marcuslinner
Artist portrait films: Annika Aschberg — @annikaaschberg


For press enquires please get in touch:

Edit Brunner
+46 76-707 61 60

Ruth Anna Eriksson
+46 73-143 92 22

Press release and images can be found here.