︎︎︎ Most Common Element

In the former shipyard Kockums in Malmö, there is still a large collection of “templates” that was used in the process of building ships. Industrial designer Jenny Nordberg, intrigued with the idea of working with shapes that had were already in existence, selected and combined a number of these templates to create a collection of vessels. The industrial history of the parts is ingrained in the shapes and raw texture, but now transformed into something else.

Jenny Nordberg holds an MFA in industrial design from Lund University and is represented by stockholmmodern and Hostler Burrows.

Title: Most Common Element #02-20180411, 2018
Material: Iron (repurposed parts from Kockums Ship Yard)
Measurements: 51 x 59.5 x 16 cm

Auction date: 4/2/2021 ︎︎︎︎︎︎ 7/2/2021, (9PM GMT+1)
Starting bid: €500