︎︎︎Congo Rug

The Ninevites is a design studio and collaborative platform founded by Nkuli Mlangeni-Berg. It can be viewed as a kind of soft resistance to the mainstream culture of mindless mass-consumption – all items are made by hand and part of a long, indigenous tradition of craftmanship and care. They collaborate exclusively with artisans in South Africa and Peru, working with natural fibres and textiles in a holistic and healthy way, thus providing a better and more thoughtful alternative of making things that are meant to last.

Title: Congo Rug
Material: Handwoven sheep wool
Measurements: 91 x 120 cm
Edition: 5

Auction date: 28/1/2021 ︎︎︎︎︎︎ 31/1/2021, (9PM GMT+1)
Starting bid: €600